Testimonials From Past Clients & Customers  
Bought Condo in Celebration
 - Anthony from New York

Being a buyer who is thousands of miles away, we needed a realtor who would be our eyes and ears to the local market that we were interested in investing in. Karyn is very responsive and follows up on both sides of the transaction to ensure things are going smoothly.

For us, one of the most important was that we find a realtor we could trust that would have our best interest in mind and Karyn definitely was all that and more. She completely goes above and beyond to offer her services even if the property value is low resulting in a lower commission.

I do not recommend "service individuals" easily as each person's satisfaction level varies however, I was so impressed with Karyn that I have recommended her to several friends and they have all been equally happy.
Bought a Celebration from Dearborn, MI.

While we were still living in Europe on foreign assignment, getting ready to move back to the Midwest US, my wife and I decided to look for a vacation home in Celebration, Florida. Obviously, that is a little tricky right from the get go. We met Karyn by accident on the internet when looked through online real estate listings and she proved to be of tremendous help. She got us plenty of information about the houses we were interested and added quite a few other choices she selected based on our preferences. She helped us narrow the list down to a manageable number to actually come and see, which worked great and we found the perfect house for us on the first visit. Not being present in Florida also proved difficult for the closing but Karyn helped us out again and we got it done.

 Bought Vacation Home
 Simon from UK          

 I was introduced to Karyn through an Associate Realtor who felt that Karyn would be able to relate the whole process of buying and selling to me in language I could grasp as I am British and wasn't completely familiar with the processes used in Florida. She was the ideal Realtor and although the relationship was professional it was also so easy to develop a genuine plutonic relationship. I consider it a privilege to have had her take care of matters for me and I needed to rely on her a huge amount as I was absent (back in the UK) for the most part. I couldn't imagine finding an agent as good as her and would completely depend on her to help and advise on making decision on buying or selling. Although I have sold my property in Florida (through Karyn), I would hope to be able to return to that same area and would immediately contact her to help me find the ideal place. Thanks for your help Karyn

Bought investment Condo
Anky from Canada

Karyn was referred to me from a friend who bought several houses and condos with her. Karyn help me buy my first condo in Florida and the process went well. The market was agressive with multiple offers so it was not a straight foward process but we manage to buy a condo which was what I require from her. It has been a great investment doubling in price so very happy.

Bought and Sold Investment Property
Dr Alka - UK

Karyn has helped me purchase two properties recently in Florida. I am based in the UK and thanks to Karyns local knowledge I got two great properties at a great price.

I would give my highest recommendation to anyone looking to purchase a property to consider Karyn. She really takes the time to get to know you personally and gives you the best advice on what and where to buy.

Karyn also overlooked the closing process which included a foreclosure property and a short sale, her knowledge and communication set her apart from others. Also after closing Karyn will continue to build a long term relationship with you which is a refreshing change from someone who just wants to sell you something and then disappear.

Karyn thank you again for all your help this year and I look forward to closing on more properties next year.


Ron & Claudia Ruggiere from Boston

We have dealt with Karen Smith for a very long time. She knows the current market and trends. She pays close attention to what the client's needs are and no time is wasted. She is the ultimate professional. Goes well beyond expectations. We highly recommend her. You wll not be disappointed!

David Bosford -

Karyn Smith is a truly outstanding realtor. There is no shortage of realtors in Florida, but what makes Karyn distinctive is that - instead of pushing customers towards unbuilt properties bought off plan - she deals with resales of properties that have already been built and which have established their value in the marketplace. This means that the buyer gets a known quantity as well as much better value for money, as resales cost less than new builds. Karyn was exception in every way in helping me buy a Florida home.